What is Chess?

Chess is a two player boardgame of pure skill.
There is no chance element.
There is no hidden information, as in say card games such as poker.

Chess is a decision making game. Each turn a player chooses from between one and up to about 80 possible moves. On average there are about 40 possible moves. After 2 ply (half-moves) ahead there are 160 possible positions. The number of possibilities quickly reaches the billions.

Acoustics is the science of sound.
Music is the art of creating beauty from sound.

Mathematics is the science of logic.
Chess is the art of creating beauty from logic.

What is Chess skill?

Chess skill is the ability to make good decisions. Good choices can be made by seeing ahead moves and evaluating the resulting positions.

What abilities are needed?

These qualities will be developed by playing. If chess clocks are used, skills such as time management are important.

How difficult is Chess?

Chess is as easy or as hard as you want. The rules are easy and can be taught to a four year old. A quick game can be played in less than 2 minutes while a correspondence game may take 2 years.

Is Chess fun?

Players sometimes play 5 minutes for relaxation. There are chess variants which can be quite entertaining.


Googling 'educational benefits of chess' reveals a large number of articles on the subject.