The website provides the basic rules and elements for the complete beginner. There are tips for intermediate and more experienced players.

It includes thousands of pages of text and positions. It includes games and puzzles for novices such as monster chess, mini-games (such as Queen versus pawns) and positions in which you set up the pieces to create checkmate.

More challenging puzzles include five different Knight's tour puzzles. Some of these will challenge even strong players.

The website includes a tactics trainer. There are thousands of positions from actual games where there are tactics to be discovered.

The website includes an original lightweight Javascript chess engine. You can choose White or Black in a standard game. You can set the level of strength. Its likely to provide reasonable opposition to average club players at Levels of 6 or more.

The engine also calculates replies in some of the Games and Puzzles section. In some games you play to checkmate the lone King, while in others you play to draw with the lone King.

Sections include opening, middlegame and endgame strategy and many more topics.

There are chess vision exercises designed to improve your ability to see ahead moves.

There are master games you play through and guess the next move. You will be given a rating estimate.

This website is the culmination of many years of teaching, playing and writing about chess. It combines most of the chess programs I have written over the years,

The website is frequently being updated.

You can sample the course by registering for free.

You can view the Contents Page here but you will need to register to follow the links.

Note that with some browsers the diagrams may appear blank. In that case, refreshing the screen is likely to make the positions visible.