Houdini is a computer chess engine written by Robert Houdart. At the time of writing it is the strongest chess engine in the world. In late 2013 I played some training games against Houdini.

I started in 'sparring' mode. Houdini plays weaker than normal.

In this game I was slightly worse in the opening, but was easily able to outplay Houdini in the endgame.

Now it was time to play the 'real' Houdini. I was impressed how Houdini manged to grind me down in some drawish endgames.

With careful play, I could draw with selected openings. For example, the Exchange French with both sides castling kingside.

I got careless in this endgame.

I managed to win one game, here it is.

Click on a move to take the game to that position or use the left and right cursor keys to make the moves.

I took less than ten minutes for the game.