There are a number of articles on the educational benefits of chess.

If you live in Adelaide, I am available for coaching at primary or secondary schools.

For more information email me re Coaching.


I have recently moved from Melbourne to Adelaide.
In Melbourne there are hundreds of schools of schools with chess teachers.


A good introductory session is a 'simul'.
Simul is short for simultaneous exhibition in which a strong player plays many others simultaneously.
Students can play individually or pair up, in which case they can discuss the pros and cons of the planned move.
A simul by a master is a rapid way for students to gain experience against strong opposition.
It also allows the teacher to gauge the strengths and styles of the players.

Reshevsky simul

Chess prodigy Sammy Reshevsky plays a simul against adult club players. (France 1920)


Short lectures can be given using a 'demo' (demonstration) board, which is displayed vertically.
Sequences of moves from positions or entire games can be displayed. Lectures can be interactive.

chess demo board


Students often like to play each other.
Encouraging students to vary opponents helps to faciltate learning.
One way to do this is by the use of short tournaments.
These can be round robins or Swiss.


There are a number of movies in which scholastic chess is depicted.
Examples include Dark Horse, Searching for Bobby Fischer and Knights of the South Bronx.

For more movies with a chess theme, see the Wikipedia page Films about chess


SACA (South Australian Chess association) and the SAJCL (South Australian Junior Chess league) organize matches between schools.

Gaining a grounding in chess early in life makes it easier to take up chess as an adult.
There are well orga` nized chess clubs