Since 1989 I have written a number of chess related programs. Some were originally written on the mighty Amiga, and were ported to the PC via Visual Basic for Dos. Most of these programs now run under Windows and some new ones have been added.

Chess Concepts

ChessConcepts contains a collection of thousands of chess ideas, represented by diagrams and words. Topics include the Openings, Middlegame, Endgame, Tactics and Strategy. In many cases you can play through a sequence of moves. You can rotate, flip, translate etc. positions in many ways to help you come more familiar with many chess themes and develop your chess knowledge and intuition.

Chess Puzzles

Chess strength correlates greatly with the ability to quickly see tactics. ChessPuzzles includes thousands of chess puzzles. These are not like composed puzzles, but are like actual play position. They are designed for the novice or intermediate player. Doing it with software has advantages over using a book. Puzzles are divided into categories such as Checkmate in 1,2 or 3, Forks, Pins, Skewers etc. They range from one move deep to being very complex. Features include a hall of fame, a rating estimate, hints and different time controls.

Chess Rater

First World Correspondence chess champion and popular author C.J.S.Purdy recommended going over master games and trying to guess the move as a fast way of improving.

ChessRater includes a collection of 40 classic master games in which you try and guess the winner's moves. It is something like "How good is your chess?", but multiple choice. You are given a rating per game and brief reasons behind each move.

Scores for each game are saved. Watch your rating grow with practice.

These programs have been converted to online. Register and Login to sample Chess Tuition.

Chess Memory

Chess Memory is reviewed by Robert Tuohey.